Project Incubation

As part of our mission-driven efforts in water and natural resource management, we operate a closely-affiliated project incubation and consulting company, CK Blueshift, LLC. Our combined team works to design,support, and implement innovative solutions for water management, water infrastructure, watershed restoration, and climate change in support of our mutual vision for vital and resilient working landscapes, communities, and ecosystems.

There is an urgent need to identify new strategies to ensure the long-term sustainability of agricultural communities, the financing of water supply and water infrastructure in growth communities, and the numerous environmental challenges resulting from altered stream flows, groundwater depletion, declining landscape health, and climate change. Many of these challenges are manifesting at a rate and a scale that is outstripping the capacity of traditional federal, state, and charitable efforts.

In collaboration with both private and public partners and the Culp & Kelly team, CK Blueshift is working to identify innovative approaches and potential new enterprises that could increase philanthropic, public and private investment in solutions to growing, climate-related water risk, and to provide relevant project management, modeling and monitoring, scientific, and strategic support.  

Representative Experience

A description of our current projects and initiatives can be found here.